Our People

Why use Trilocal?

What we are:

We are a geographically based local advertising directory, providing you with the details of local businesses that match your needs. Whether you are looking for a local restaurant, shop, trade or other, we can provide you with the details of the closest match to your home. Why not build your own online high street by keeping the services you use in your favourites? This makes it quick and easy if you want to re-use a business... no need to write it down.

Make a difference:

By using Trilocal you are supporting both local businesses and local charitable organisations. Trilocal is unlike most other advertising directories, in that each month £7.00 from every £15.00 spent on advertising is donated to chosen local charities, and the best bit is, you decide who it goes to. Every day you use Trilocal, you can cast votes for your preferred charitable organisations. At the end of the month each charitable organisation will receive a donation relevant to the percentage of votes they received.... everyone's a winner. Click here to cast your vote.

The knock on effect:

The main intention of Trilocal is to encourage you to spend and support locally, aiding the growth of the local economy. A strong local economy helps improve employment and local services. We believe that a prosperous community improves our standard of living and moral, aiding a happier and more collective community. The foundations of Trilocal are the people! All you have to do is use it, then more businesses will sign up, generating more income and therefore more money to donate to member charitable organisations.

We want to hear from you:

Are you involved in your community? Trilocal want to hear about it! We love to be made aware of local events and news, which we are happy to promote through our blog. Trilocal is built in the community, for the community and you are an integral part of its success. Your opinion is important to us. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, please get in touch here.