Receive Donations:

Once an organisation has been accepted as one of Trilocals' Beneficiaries it is eligible to receive a monthly donation. The donation amount is variable and is dependent upon the number of votes the Beneficiary receives and the value of each individual vote. The vote value is calculated by Trilocal on a monthly basis by taking the total monthly donation and splitting it evenly between each vote. Each month Trilocal donates £7.00 of every £15.00 advertising fee to support the Trilocal Beneficiaries. Our users decide what percentage of the donation funds each Beneficiary receives by voting. We believe this to be a fair and non-biased system in which everyone can benefit.

How to apply


A Trilocal Beneficiary can be any charity or organisation which:

  • Provides a benefit to the public or a section of the public on a 'not for profit basis'
  • Provides the majority of its benefit within Trilocals' active area.
  • Provides the whole of its benefit within the UK.

In addition:

  • Accepted organisations are on the site for a period of 6 months. After this time reapplication may be required.
  • Trilocal reserves the right to cancel and remove a Trilocal Beneficiary without notice.
  • Trilocals' Beneficiaries must accept Trilocals' 'Cookie Policy', 'Terms of Use Policy' and 'Privacy policy'.
  • Monthly donations are made by bank transfer to the Trilocal Beneficiaries bank account.
  • Trilocal reserves the right to publish any donation made, together with other information deemed relevant, on its website.
  • Applying to become a Trilocal Beneficiary means that you are requesting to become a Beneficiary of the website. Should you wish to register your charity or organisation as a business in order to promote its product/service, please register through the business page, here.
  • Trilocal Beneficiaries may also be registered as a business.
  • Providing you meet these requirements you are free to apply, here. Simply click on the link and submit your details. We endeavour to reply within 48 hours of receiving your application.