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BPR Heaton Accountants
BPR Heaton
Wish Marketing Consultants & Services
Cleckheaton RUFC Junior Rugby Sports Clubs & Associations
Cleckheaton RUFC Junior Rugby
Luigis Cleckheaton Italian Restaurants & Takeaways | Pizza Restaurants & Takeaways
Luigis Cleckheaton
Arte Hairdressers | Mens Hairdressing


Advertisers enjoy:

  • One month rolling contract with no hidden fees or cancellation penalties. It costs £15.00 per month, payable by standing order.
  • Trilocal is a fully interactive website attracting new and repeat users daily. Our website is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly and has had 208,086 page views over the past 12 months. In January we had 14,401 and we are growing all the time.
  • £7.00 from each £15.00 advertising fee is donated locally. This money is shared proportionally between local good causes and charities by Trilocal users voting. Over the last 12 months 101,188 votes have been made. Each time a vote is made a business page is shown. To date Trilocal has donated 19,621 locally.
  • The business page is your advertisement and contains your business description, contact information, opening hours, facilities, logo and six photos. If your business has a website, online shop or social media account then these can be linked to your page. Your advertisement on Trilocal is 'live' 24 hours a day and you can edit all aspects of your advertisement as and when you want. Have a look at a business page here.
  • No bias, every independent business or business outlet advertising with Trilocal pays the same and gains the same exposure. Your business page is visible, and can be accessed, in multiple places across the Trilocal website, such as:
    • Specific Search Terms
    • Home Page Banner Advertisement
    • After Vote Advertisement
    • Business Page Banner Advertisement
    • Voting Page Banner Advertisement
    • Sharing
    • My Favourites
  • Each Trilocal business page is for an independent business or business outlet. If your business has multiple business outlets then you will need to create multiple business pages under the same Trilocal business account. As Trilocal searches are done by location, each outlet will require a separate page to benefit from this. Each extra business page is charged at £15.00 per month.

Our website enables you to make your own Trilocal advertisement with ease, simply click here to register your business account and follow the prompts and instructions. For help call us on 01274 876796 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with free assistance.