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Competition Time
Competition Time

Win £30 to spend locally Be in with a chance of winning £30 to spend in any one of the businesses advertising with Trilocal Simply enter our Facebook competition HERE All you need to do is, Like the Trilocal Facebook page, Share the post and name the business in which you'd ...

August Donation
August Donation

£9000 Milestone In August a total of £462 was raised and 11019 votes were made. This meant that during August each vote made was worth just over 4 pence. The August donation has been shared in the following way: Spenborough Swimming Club 3293 votes, 30% overall, meaning a donati...

July Donation
July Donation

  In July £469 was raised and a total of 9021 votes were made. This meant that during July each vote made was worth just over 5 pence. The July donation has been shared in the following way: 1. Spenborough Swimming Club - 3160 votes, 35% overall, meaning a donation of £164.29 ...

June Donation
June Donation

  Together the Trilocal community have now raised over £8,000 During June £469 was raised and a total of 7777 votes have been made. This meant that in June each vote made was worth 6 pence. The June donation has been shared in the following way: 1. Spenborough Swimming Club...

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About Trilocal

In April 2009, three months before my 18th birthday, I was diagnosed with grade 4 cancerous brain and spinal tumours. Read more...

Within 48 hours of walking into A&E, I awoke from life saving brain surgery. During that 48 hour period, I couldn't help but think that was it... game over. The reality was that I awoke from surgery, opened my eyes, wiggled my toes, fingers and opened my mouth to speak. I could do it. From that moment forward I've thought of myself as the luckiest man alive.

After removing the majority of the brain tumour, radiotherapy and chemotherapy followed. This time in my life, although tough in parts, has been inspirational and thought provoking. It has provided me with the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people, each with their own individual stories of wisdom, courage and adversity.

My experience has changed my life, without the support and care I have received throughout my treatment I would not be here today. I've relied on close family, friends and complete strangers. These strangers were not just surgeons, anaesthetists, doctors and nurses but charities, charitable donations, donors and you, the British tax payer. This support network inspired the idea behind Trilocal. Much like the support and care I received throughout treatment, Trilocal recognises the necessity of friendship and togetherness, encompassing a true sense of community.

Trilocal is built around three main attributes... local people, local businesses and local charities. As individual groups they each offer a service that another needs or wants. Trilocal works with this and creates something a little bit different, helping the individual groups work together collectively to create the support network which the community needs.

Trilocal is a geographically based local advertising directory, providing you with the details of local businesses that match your needs. We charge businesses an advertising fee of £15.00 per month and donate £7.00 of this to chosen charities within the local community. Our users, by voting daily, determine which charity receives what percentage of the funds available.

You're the inspiration behind Trilocal. Together, with your support, we will develop and improve our local areas.... one community at a time. Read less...

Meet the team...

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Tom Brook


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Anne Brook